Our Music Programs

Music, as a vital part of worship, has been a longstanding tradition at our church. Music is a ministry that not only enhances worship but shapes our faith. Our music programs strive to offer a variety of opportunities to participate in the creative and inspiring expression of faith while serving the congregation as a meaningful part of worship.

We believe in blended worship, which has the goal of bringing together people of faith, in all their diversity, under one roof to glorify God. It is the artful weaving of varying musical styles and other elements into a seamless tapestry which honors God without alienating any particular group. Under the direction of Myrna Rybczyk, our music programs offer a diverse repetoire of traditional sacred as well as contemporary praise and gospel. Our music programs are open to all and include or Church Choir, Bell Choir and Visiting Hymn Singers. We are also proud to offer The Church of Christ Performance Series which is a series of concerts and performance events showcasing local talent. If you would like to participate or need more information on any of our music programs, please contact Myrna Rybczyk, Music Director.